Considerate Constructors Scheme supports Go Construct!

The industry is taking a leap forward by encouraging what will be the nation’s future workforce with the Go Construct campaign.

The initiative, which was initially launched in September 2015 by CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) aims to expand the gateway of career opportunities for the industry, increasing recruitment and retention standards.

With an ambitious effort to meet the skills shortage of 225,000 vacancies over the next five years, Go Construct will look to raise the interest of the nation’s youngest and brightest, by presenting what exactly our industry has to offer.

The Considerate Constructors Scheme is backing the initiative by further promoting awareness among all of its registered sites, companies and suppliers. An inspirational image campaign including the distribution of posters is currently being supported by the Scheme and its vast network of registered

An interactive careers website hosted by CITB showcases the vast variety of employment opportunities, career paths and skill sets that a future in the industry can offer. As well as providing an encouraging and inspiring platform for young people, the website also provides tools, resources and content for teachers, career advisors and construction ambassadors.

A recent addition to the campaign also includes a ‘Spot the job’ poster. Created in collaboration between the Scheme and CITB, this poster is aimed at young people and presents a multitude of jobs found in the industry within an animated backdrop of a city currently experiencing various hotspots of construction activity. This poster can be purchased here.

To visit the Go Construct official website please click here.

Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.