Honor Goodsite’s Big Build 2018 Competition results revealed!

Following on from the Big Build’s success in 2017, the Considerate Constructors Scheme teamed up with CITB’s ‘Go Construct’ to make this year’s competition an even bigger build!

Honor Goodsite’s Big Build 2018 has been a resounding success with a record 40 entries and over 1000 children and adults taking part!  This year’s competition has seen so many amazing models ranging from the historic Cardiff Castle to the enchanting Taj Mahal. This left Honor Goodsite and her team of judges the monumental task of selecting just five winners from such a vast array of wonderful structures.

All of the participants took on board the essence of the competition with the children displaying great teamwork, alongside contractors sharing their knowledge of environmental sustainability as well as teaching their community groups all about the construction industry. The quality of the builds were at a tremendously high level – which can only mean the future of both architecture and construction is in very, very good hands!

To view all the entries from the 2018 Honor Goodsite Big Build Competition, click here. 

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said:

“Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Big Build competition and congratulations to every winner and runner-up.

This year has seen a record-breaking 40 competition entries from schools and charitable organisations across the UK each making highly imaginative recreations of local and iconic buildings using recyclable materials.

Communities and the local environment are often at the very heart of many building projects, and we are delighted to see how those registered with the Scheme are working with their local communities through the Big Build competition to create these fantastic pieces of artwork and engineering!”

Now, it brings Honor Goodsite and the Considerate Constructors Scheme great pleasure to announce the five winners of Honor Goodsite’s Big Build 2018:

Balfour Beatty                                                     

With the help of: St. Gerardine’s Primary

Chosen build: St. Gerardine’s Church

With the help of their teaching assistants, the 44 children from two P3 classes decided to reproduce the beautiful St Gerardine’s Church using cardboard boxes, red crisp packets and ‘lots of tape’. They cleverly layered red crisp packets on the roof to look like tiles. They wrote: “we made sure the packets were layered in a way that would allow water to run off them.” The children even mixed sand and white paint together to make ‘harling’, a Scottish exterior building-surfacing technique.

Galliard Homes Limited

With the help of: Old Ford Primary School

Chosen build: Buckingham Palace

Tucked away in the garden of Old Ford primary school is a small art studio from which the artist-in-resident, supported by charity Room 13, encourages children to explore their imagination and creativity and build their entrepreuneurial skills. It was this group of children, aged between four and 11, together with support from Galliard Homes, who created their own version of Buckingham Palace. Great attention has been paid to the image of Her Majesty as well as the Queen’s Guard, easily recognisable in their bearskin caps and scarlet tunics.


ICG Construction Management Services Limited

With the help of: Gravel Hill School

Chosen build: Tower Bridge

A group of sixty children from Gravel Hill produced their own version of Tower Bridge – and just like the real one, it opens and closes. The children went to great lengths to ensure their representation was as faithful as possible to the original but there was one major difference – they proudly added their names to their building. Before commencing the build, the team from ICG construction discussed famous buildings and identified shapes that could be replicated using recycled materials.

Knights Brown Construction

With the help of: Brackla Primary School

Chosen build: Taj Mahal

Thirty children from Brackla Primary School, Bridgend looked east for inspiration and reinterpreted one of the most beautiful buildings in the world – India’s Taj Mahal. Under the guidance of a team from Knights Brown Construction, the students, from Years 3 and 4, first studied close-up photos of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, wearing their PPE, they began to assemble and paint their creation. Finally, they adorned it with mystical symbols and displayed it against a glittering backdrop.

Willmott Dixon Construction

With the help of: The MacIntyre Charity

Chosen build: Robbie the Robot

The Junk Art Group, supported by Willmott Dixon and the charity, looked to the future while drawing on cultural references from today to create Robbie the Robot from materials otherwise destined for landfill. Robbie has a ‘Lisa Simpson’ head, a ‘skirt ‘made from old Christmas decorations, a ‘Michael Jackson’ hand and a Tardis leg. He is also a representation of the five senses – for example, he is brightly coloured, is made from many materials and stands on a pallet covered in scratch and sniff paint, cinnamon and chocolate.

Honor’s Special Mentions

Overwhelmed by the response to this year’s competition, Honor Goodsite would also like to give a special mention to two additional entries for going the extra mile. As a Structural Engineer herself, these entries stood out to Honor amongst the rest:

Jackson Civil Engineering

With the help of: All Saints Junior and Infant School

Chosen build: Humber Bridge

When it came to putting together their project for the Big Build, this school didn’t think big, it thought supersized to produce a realistic representation of the Humber Bridge measuring 1.8m wide and 11 metres long. Putting together a model of this size and scope called for the talents and help of many people.  As well as the 40 children from the school, the team from Jackson Civil Engineering and even members of Halifax Council lent a hand on the day.

Honor was blown away by the size and scale of this build and all the intricate details that can be found. The level of planning and execution by Jackson Civil Engineering and the children of All Saints School reminded Honor of why she loves her job.

Kier Construction (Southern)

With the help of: Parley First School.

Chosen build: Emergency relief shelters.

“Could you build a shelter during an emergency situation?” This was the challenge that Kier set to sixty Year 3 children from Parley First School. The team from Kier encouraged the children to begin their search for a solution by coming up with ideas and sketching or writing them down. After developing and agreeing them, the children then set about making them real by constructing the shelters. They then had to test their shelters to ensure they could withstand an earthquake and high winds. Everyone proudly wore a hard hat and appropriate PPE for the session.

Honor was thrilled to see Kier take the competition and go that one step further with the children to her structural engineering roots by making it a real learning experience. The children had to take into account all the factors that Honor does when planning a new building.

We would also like to thank and congratulate everyone who entered this year’s Big Build Competition. Without their hard work the competition would not be the success it has been.

If you missed out on this year’s Big Build but would like to take part in the future, register your interest now by emailing us on You will then be notified on the launch of the competition and be one of the first to receive an entry form. Alternatively, you can take part in Ivor Goodsite’s Hoarding Competition which will be launching in January 2019.

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