Site Visits

Ivor and McGoff Construction Ltd show students all their is to know about site safety!

November 2019
McGoff construction Ltd at Hinton Grange in Cambridge invited the Year 4 students of nearby …

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Collier Contracts invites Honor Goodsite on site safety visit!

19 July 2017
Morden, LB of Merton
51 young pupils have painted boards with their drawings that …

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Ivor visits children at Roe Green Infant School

11 July 2017
Site Manager Daniel Quinn held a presentation for all children and teachers regarding the Dangers …

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Honor Goodsite Visits Gorton

Gorton, Manchester
11 July 2017
VINCI Construction UK and SharpFutures joined forces on July 11th 2017 to host …

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Ivor will visit local school to help with safety visits!

23 June 2017
Ivor Goodsite has been invited to a local school in Middlesbrough to help with …

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Ivor Goodsite was invited along to Henry Boots Demolition launch event!

28 October 2016
Ivor was invited to greets visitors at the temporary May Day Green Market in Barnsley. …

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Lovell Partnerships hold a site open day!

1 September 2016
Ivor Goodsite was invited along to Lovell Partnerships ‘Trinity Walk’ project in Woolwich. Ivor …

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RedRow Homes invited Ivor Goodsite along to a site visit to help create a wildlife area

26 February 2016
Ivor Goodsite was invited along to one of RedRow Homes projects to help them …

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Neilcott Construction and Ivor teamed up to talk to children about health and safety around construction sites

2 December 2015
Ivor attended one of Neilcott Constructions sites to give students an overview of their …

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Knight Harwood invited Ivor Goodsite along to a road and site safety visit

23-30 November 2015
Ivor Goodsite was invited along to a road and site safety visit with Knight …

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Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.