Fun at the Vivy Day Nursery

Vivy Day Nursery, Peckham, London

7th March 2012

Ivor Goodsite was invited to another National Grid event this month when they visited pupils of the Vivy Day Nursery in Peckham, London. Upon arrival, the team helped pupils get dressed into PPE, including hard hats and high visibility jackets.

Members of National Grid team explained to the children that the PPE was for safety and that was why all the National Grid team wore it. They emphasised the importance of safety around construction sites, and how it was unsafe for children to play in these environments.

The children were then introduced to Ivor, who was very excited to meet some new friends and shake everyone’s hand. Ivor was then asked lots of questions about what he was wearing and the tools he was carrying, and he told them that he too has to wear PPE, and that he wanted them to stay away from building sites for their own safety.

The children went on to perform a song for the National Grid team and were then given lots of goodies like pencil cases, coloured pencils and balloons.

The staff at the nursery were very pleased with the visit and felt it was a huge success. Not only had the message of safety on construction sites being given to the children, but also a message about safety they could incorporate into their daily lives.

Sunita Narang, Vivy Day Nursery Manager, said

Id like to thank National Grid for their visit to Vivy Day Nursery. The children were so excited about meeting the Ivor Goodsite character and dressing up in safety helmets and high visibility vests really helped get across the message about keeping safe. I think the National Grid team managed to show the children how to take care of themselves and how to adopt health and safety into their everyday life.


Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

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