Ivor and Partner visit Healey Junior

Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School, Batley

10th December 2012

Ivor Goodsite and Partner Construction visited Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School, Batley.

Ivor dropped in to promote safety on and around building sites at Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School, Batley, accompanied by members of the team from Partner Construction, who spoke to more than 380 four to eleven year olds about the different types of hazards they may face on a building site.

Ivor and the pupils donned hard hats and hi visibility vests and other protective equipment, and were given an interactive session during the school’s assembly where they discussed the potential dangers inside the construction site adjacent to the school.

The development off Healey Lane of 49 affordable homes, of which Partner Construction are the preferred partnering contractor with Yorkshire Housing Association, is a short walk from the school.

Ivor then took part in a Q&A session where the Partner team helped him reply to questions raised by the pupils and staff.

Terry Harrison, Construction Director at Partner, also spent some time discussing Ivors skills, knowledge and experience so the children could get to know him better.

Terry said:

“Our work with Ivor Goodsite and the Considerate Constructors Scheme forms a very important part of our community engagement strategy.
The safety of all who may be affected by the construction work we undertake is paramount. Children of this age are very receptive and keen to learn, which makes the visits a real pleasure.

“The development is just across the road from Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School so it’s really important that pupils are made aware of the potential dangers on the site, and know how to keep themselves safe. They’ve also been able to get their questions about the project answered and find out more about the construction industry.

“In addition to helping keep local children safe, a visit like this is a great opportunity for pupils to learn more about the work being done in their community. We hope we can continue to engage with local children by arranging future talks and, once the development is further along, site visits for older pupils.”

Mrs Joanne Garforth , Teacher at Healey Junior Infant and Nursery School, Batley comments:

“The lessons the children have learned from Ivor will benefit them both now and in later life. It is important that they get a good grounding in health and safety within a variety of different contexts.
This makes it easier for them to handle new situations and makes them aware of danger.”


Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

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