Lichfield lend learning link to little ones

Community Centre, Staffordshire

10th October 2012

The Lichfield team played host to a VIP visit from pupils of Whittington Primary School in Staffordshire. Thirty children (most of whose parents work on the base) made the long walk guided by Lend Lease operatives to the Community Centre.

It was here that they were introduced to Ivor Goodsite. Ivor was used to demonstrate the risks that construction sites give to children and those that are unqualified to enter them. Each item of PPE was discussed and some interesting accounts were provided by the children as to the purpose each item serves.

Accompanied by Ivor Goodsite, the children were prepared to inspect Lend Lease’s works from a distance and make sure they were doing a good job. The little auditors were escorted to a viewing area adjacent to Zone A, where they asked lots of questions, mostly crane related but some interesting questions were raised.

From Zone A, the party walked to Zone B where the pedestrian crane was waiting for its audience. The children were amazed when the crane lifted the trusses onto the roof, never before have 30 children been silent all at the same time, and all waved back when the operator of the crane give them a big wave from the roof.

Ivor then led everyone all back to the Community Centre where refreshments were waiting and with a clap of the teacher’s hands, they were all seated. The Lend Lease team then prepared themselves for the question and answer session.

To say the team were challenged with questions would be an under-statement. Interestingly a number of the boys wondered if it would be possible for the crane hook to pick them up by the hoods of their jackets and lift them to the roof!

Ivor was a complete hit with the children and as they were returned for lunch they were handed a colouring competition. Clearly sketched is Ivor with the modules of Building 57 in the background and the much enjoyed crane.

After a grilling couple of hours, the result was what the whole team received ‘5 greens’.


Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.