Morgan Sindall host Ivor and Blue Willow Nursery for a day of site safety

23rd October 2017

Ivor Goodsite helped Morgan Sindall show the importance of site safety to both the children and staff of Blue Willow Nursery during their community event, at the Salt Hill Family Activity Centre.

Site Manager Andrei Jucov, along with his colleague Faris Malik, presented the group with all the PPE that is worn by their workforce on their construction sites, and explained exactly why they are used. They also provided the children with their very own hard hats and high-vis vests which were gratefully received, along with their cut-out masks and colouring books. Ivor Goodsite was also a big hit at the event with the children fielding plenty of questions for him about the construction industry.

Andrei and Faris also showed the children and staff some CGI images of the completed project that they are currently building locally – which was met with many “oohs” and “aahs” from the children.


Useful resources

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Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.