Sandling Primary School visit

Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS) project site

11th October 2012

VINCI Construction UK welcomed 60 children from Sandling Primary School to the Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery (KIMS) project site.

Considerate Constructors Scheme mascot, Ivor Goodsite, assisted Andy Hyde, Project Manager, in delivering an entertaining presentation about the health, safety and environment considerations of construction sites and the ways in which site workers can protect themselves and others around them.

As part of their visit, the children, aged five and six, were challenged to design a poster demonstrating what they had learned during the morning’s visit, with prizes given for the best work.

Andy Hyde presented the winners with medical-themed prizes donated by KIMS. He said: “The children all really enjoyed the presentations and their time viewing site activities. Although they had lots of fun with Ivor, they also demonstrated how much they had learned about the potential dangers on construction sites with the strong theme of health and safety which ran through their posters.”


Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.