Visit – Westfield Primary School – East Sussex

Westfield Primary School – East Sussex

5th March 2005

The running of a construction site, and especially the safety aspects, were the topic at Westfield Primary School, East Sussex when industry mascot Ivor Goodsite paid a visit to meet the children and teachers.

The event was part of a series of health and safety events organised by Westridge Construction Ltd for Infant and Primary Schools and Ivor helped communicate important messages to the children at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.

In addition to joining in the main health and safety presentation at Westfield, Ivor also demonstrated the particular benefits of personal safety equipment before visiting the reception classes at the school.

The children were particularly taken by Ivor’s set of work tools and his giant safety helmet, and can follow Ivor’s activities and advice in the future – and enjoy games and puzzles as well – via Ivor’s own website at

Useful resources

As part of your visit you may want to access or download resources to support you, including a school presentation or Child Protection Guidance template.

Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.