A day in the life of Ivor


It is an early start for me on site. I sign in and put on the correct PPE, then grab a quick cup of tea. I also take a walk around the site to complete a early morning inspection before the work begins.


I call together the workforce for a site meeting. This includes a Toolbox Talk and safety briefing to ensure everyone understands what they are doing today. Any potential risks or dangers are discussed at the meeting to ensure that everyone will be safe on site.


It’s time to answer my emails and make any necessary phone calls. I also stop by to check on the apprentice to make sure they have everything they need and check if they have any questions about the work.


I meet with local neighbours to keep them informed of progress and answer any queries or complaints. It is great to engage with local residents and build good relationships with our neighbours whilst we complete the work.


I am back on site and carry out a perimeter check to ensure that the outside is clean and tidy. I also make sure that environmental factors are covered, such as waste material being correctly recycled and wildlife looked after. Once I am happy with this I eat a healthy snack from the canteen.


I meet with the part-time nurse on site to complete my health check and ask her for some healthy lifestyle leaflets to share with the rest of the workforce.


As there is a new trade contractor starting next week, I have a short meeting to give them all the information that they need and show them around as part of their initial induction.


I return to the site office to check emails, make phone calls and update my ‘to-do’ list. I also prepare my presentation and fun packs for the visit to the local school, which is taking place tomorrow.


I carry out my final walk around site with the team and discuss any issues that occurred during the day and talk about how these were resolved. This keeps me updated with everything that happens on site. It also means that I have good working relationships with my workforce.


It is the end of the day and I ensure that the site is secure for the night and hand over to the security guard. I then sign out and remove my PPE before going home.

Ivor is a Site Manager who owns the company Goodsite Construction. It is his job to ensure that all projects run smoothly. Ivor left school at 16 and became an apprentice bricklayer. He worked his way up over the years to become a Senior Construction Site Manager. Ivor has always enjoyed working in the construction industry and is proud to now be representing it. There are lots of very positive aspects to working in construction and as Site Manager of Goodsite Construction, he is keen to promote the image of the industry.