Helping the environment

Construction is happening all around us, all the time. As towns and cities grow, there is a demand for more houses, offices and infrastructure. However, as these areas expand and there is more construction, more of the environment is affected.

The environment is everything in the world that surrounds us and contains all life on earth. We as humans share the same air, water and land as animals, which mean we are all dependent on the same environment and what is available for us.

As humans we are able to change the environment. Through construction we can re-shape the land, altering the environment around us to become something more beneficial and accessible for our own means such as transportation routes and living spaces.

However, in order to construct a building for example, a lot of materials and supplies are needed. These materials such as wood, sand and metals have to be taken from the environment’s resources. The equipment and machinery needed to put together a building also require resources such as oil, gas and water which also need to be taken from the environment.

The land that the building is being constructed on may also be shared by local wildlife such as birds or fish in a nearby river. Construction can affect this wildlife by disturbing their habitats, causing them to relocate somewhere else.

Therefore, when carrying out construction it is important to support the environment as much as possible by keeping these impacts to a minimum. Resources such as wood and metals should be recycled whenever possible. Fuels and energy usage such as electricity should be reduced by using other sources such as solar energy. Wildlife should be protected by relocating species to safer areas and also making sure there isn’t any pollution damaging the environment.

The many ways in which you can help the environment can also be applied to construction. We all share the same environment; therefore we all need to protect it.

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