Check out our selection of photographs of Ivor and Honor Goodsite at various different events.

These could give you ideas of how you may want to hire and use the costumes yourself.

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photographs.

Futurebuild 2019

Ivor and Honor visits 2019

Honor Goodsite’s Big Build Competition 2018

Image of Construction 2018

Ivor Goodsite’s Hoarding Competition 2018

Ivor and Honor Visits 2018

Honor’s Big Build 2017

Ivor and Honor Visits 2017

Hoarding Competition 2017

Honor visits 2016

2016 Hoarding Competition

The Olympics

Ivor visits 2016

Ivor visits 2015

2015 Hoarding Competition

Ivor visits 2014

2014 Hoarding Competition

Ivor visits 2013

2013 Hoarding Competition