Honor Goodsite’s Environmental Presentation

A downloadable version of Honor Goodsite’s Environmental Presentation is now available! The presentation can be used to accompany any school or site visit you have coming up. It is also perfectly suited to accompany Honor’s Environmental Activity Book; the information found inside has been put together to perfectly compliment the presentation.

Make sure you print off the speaker notes to ensure you get the most out of Honor’s Environmental Presentation!

Honor’s presentation is aimed toward children of ages 8-13 and contains information on:

  • What makes up our environment.
  • What problems our environment is facing and gives examples.
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources.
  • Examples of what construction sites are doing to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Ideas and examples of what the public can do to lower their carbon footprint.


Click here to download the presentation 


If you’re looking for a presentation that younger children can enjoy and engage with, you can download Ivor’s Construction Site Safety presentation that is perfectly suited for children aged 3-7, here.