Hunt the Hazard!


Hunt the Hazard! site sign

The ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ site sign, which measures 1m x 1.48m, is to be put up on site hoarding or fencing. It displays a fictional construction site and shows a number of potential hazards for children to find.

The sign is designed to be fun and engaging for children but raises awareness of the real dangers which can be found on modern day construction sites.

The ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ is available to purchase for £56.00 (+ VAT).

You can download our user guide for this site sign, here.


hunthazlargeHunt the Hazard! A1 poster

This Correx A1 (594 x 841mm) poster is a portable version of the above ‘Hunt the Hazard!’ site sign and is more suitable to be used for educational visits.

The poster can then be left behind as a souvenir or utilised on site hoardings for those passing the site to view.

The poster is available for £30.50 (+ VAT).


You can purchase the Hunt the Hazard! site sign and A1 poster from the Scheme website here.

Please ensure that both the sign and poster are displayed at a suitable viewing level for children.