We have received great feedback and comments from people who have hired the Ivor or Honor Goodsite costumes.

Read a selection of the positive comments below:

Zoe Davies, Volkerstevin Ltd said:

“Ivor Goodsite is fantastic in my opinion; I loved using the costume and other products from the Hunt the Hazard sign to fun packs throughout our project so far, and look forward to working with Ivor again!!”

Caroline O’Connor Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall’s Environmental Manager said:

“It is excellent that the Considerate Constructors Scheme has introduced Honor Goodsite. As a woman working in construction, I can thoroughly recommend it as a great industry to work in. The variety of careers and opportunities in the construction industry is vast, and I am sure Honor Goodsite will help young children and their parents to see that construction is an exciting, rewarding industry, which is open to everyone”.

Neal Allison, Apollo Property Services Ltd told us:

“Having Ivor really added to the safety talks we carried out, and was a great tool to engage with the kids and get them thinking about safety.”

Charlie Way, Signpost Services said:

“We wanted to teach children about electrical safety and Ivor Goodsite provided a fun way of achieving this.  We hope that the children enjoyed our visit and also learnt that if they Think Safe – They’ll be safe.”

Sharon Matthews of the CITB told us:

“He was like a big friendly giant to everyone, and the children loved trying their hands at the tasks he set them.”

Mrs Storrar, Head of Banstead infant School:

“The children loved learning about construction safety and were very excited about meeting Ivor Goodsite. The assembly was engaging and interactive and the children particularly enjoyed the slideshow. The colouring activity encouraged them to discuss what they had learnt during the assembly”

Myra Rogers, Head Teacher of Moorhead Primary School:

“The children were inspired by the visit of Ivor Goodsite to design a poster. They thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and the posters produced were brilliant!”

Mrs. Evans, Head Teacher of Park Primary School in South Wales said:

“The children were really excited because Ivor’s visit was kept a secret. He caused quite a stir when he walked into our assembly and was a great hit with the younger children who loved having their photo taken with him.”

Tyrone Davis of S Dudley & Sons ran the Edinburgh Run dressed as Ivor and commented:

“It was an amazing day with an electric atmosphere. Seven Dudley’s employees did the run and we raised a considerable sum for the Alzheimer’s Society. All the way around the course children were waving to me and shaking my hand; the look on their faces was priceless. About midway through the course I passed a group of children who were calling Ivor’s name and asking when he was going back to their school. I thought this was fantastic as obviously the contractor who had visited their school had left an impression on them, showing that the CCS is affecting the next generation of possible construction workers.”

Trevor Middleton, Stepnell Ltd said:

“Stepnell is always keen to promote site safety and construction training to young people at the earliest possible opportunity, particularly when they are in close proximity to a live building site. Ivor Goodsite visits are a fun and stimulating way to communicate the dangers of playing on construction sites and to also get children interested and thinking about a possible future career in the construction industry.”



Costume hire

Industry mascots Ivor and Honor Goodsite can be hired to attend construction-related events to engage with children and encourage safety on site. Find out more about how you can hire the costume characters and promote a positive image of the industry.