Hunt the Hazard


Building sites are NOT places to play. There are a lot of dangerous things on sites which could hurt or injure you. This game hides 16 reasons why you should never play on building sites.

Can you find them all?


Balancing on Scaffolding

Even dry scaffolding is slippery. Playing or climbing on it is very dangerous and can lead to nasty falls.

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Electric Shock

Electricity can shock, burn and even kill. On a construction site, cables, sockets, wires, plugs and switches may not be safe so they should not be played with.

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Playing in Waste Chutes

These are designed for light waste – not people! They are not a slide and can contain sharp objects that can cause serious injury.

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Climbing on Building Materials

Stacks of materials LOOK solid but can become loose and wobbly and can fall over if you climb on them.

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Starting Fires

Fires are extremely dangerous. They can spread very quickly and sometimes cause explosions. Building sites sometimes use extremely flammable liquids which can catch on fire instantly.

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Swinging from things

Swinging on things may look fun but can be very dangerous. You may get stuck or fall or what you're swinging on may break.

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Playing with Power Tools

Even when not being used, power tools have sharp edges and surfaces which can cause major injuries. Power tools are extremely dangerous and should not be used as toys.

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Playing with Cables

Getting tangled in cables is very dangerous. The cables may look harmless and have lots of different colours but they can trip you up or you can get caught inside them.

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There are often many holes on construction sites and falling into one can be painful or even deadly. They can also be very deep or even covered up so you might not see them.

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Playing near Skips

Skips are full of waste from the site which can be sharp and dirty. Covered skips may look like something to play on but you never know what's in them.

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Playing with Nail Guns

Tools are not toys, and nail guns are especially dangerous. They should NEVER be pointed at anyone or used as a toy.

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Playing with Liquids

Many liquids found on building sites are hazardous or even toxic. This means you mustn't breathe the fumes, get them on your skin or near your mouth. You should never play with liquids if you do not know what they are.

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Driving Machinery

Never play on driving vehicles, as this can lead to accidents. Vehicles are not toys. Even though they may be still, they might not be stable and can move without warning.

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Playing with Machinery

Even if machines appear to be turned off, they may still operate and this could lead to disaster.

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Tripping Over

Tripping and falling is always painful, but on building sites you may fall on something that can hurt you badly.

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Climbing Inside Machinery

This is extremely dangerous – especially when used as a hiding place. Parts of machinery may fall or close, trapping you and causing injury.

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